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VO7's Knit collection : enhance your summer look with stylish sneakers

on 4 June 2018

VO7 is a French specialist of footlifestyle. We want to provide our community of football fans with high-quality sneakers that bring together urban influence and football. For summer 2018, VO7 tweaked formal shoes codes to bring you good-looking yet comfortable shoes for the hottest period of the year.

Knit collection : your must-have sneakers for the summer

The temperature is rising, the World Cup is about to start, holidays are getting close... Time to get yourself suitable sneakers for your summer adventures! This summer, go for French sneakers and try the most recent addiction to VO7' s roster. Our Knit collection comprises of sneakers that you can year in the city, by the sea, on the pitch or in the stands. Comprising of light materials thanks to airy weaving. Knit sneakers are a perfect fit for the season. Their anti-sweating properties males them very comfortable, not to mention their looks. Last but not least, we didn't leave resilience aside and added buckskin covers on the heels.

Enhance your style with our knit sneaker line.

The Y-Knit, already a summer classic.

Launched right in time to dress your feet for the summer, Y-Knit are already a VO7 classic. Highly praised for the quality of their manufacturing, these airy-weaved and anti-sweating sneakers come in 5 colors to answer all your needs:

VADOR : Black body and black sole for an pleasing tone-on-tone effect, this shoes goes well with everything and will match all your outfits.

NAVY : a dark blue on top of a white sole. This sneakers will add some character to your look with a classic and easy-to-wear shade.

HURACAN : for this shoes, the weaving comprises of an alteration of beige and white fibers for a minimalistic yet bright feel, classy, chic and urban.

DUSK : here, the alteration of black and white fibers produces a strong and efficient contrast that should flatter most of your wardrobe.

780 : reveal your personality with there ! their tricolor weaving with make you stand out and leave a strong impression.

Wherever you go, the non slip flat rubber soles will ensure your confort and safety.

Limited edition Y-Knit : distinguish yourself with exclusive shades

Differentiate yourself by getting our limited edition sneakers. Quickly pick a color before it's to late ! Not enjoying the opportunity would be a waste...

The RIVIERA features a subtle mix of blue, pale purple and khaki which contrasts perfectly with its white sole.

The NASSAU evokes lagoons and tropical waters' sky blue its turquoise weaving and its white rubber sole, in perfect accordance with this summer's trend.

The KHAKI shade is a must-have which echoes with the camouflage patterns of our bags and will be a key, final touch to your summer look.

With a subtle mix of red and black, the ACM is the perfect touch of color to give a chic feel to your outfits.

French sneakers have never looked so good !

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