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Scandals and flipflops : VO7's new items for the summer

on 4 June 2018

VO7 has been your provider of choice for trendy made in France sneakers for more than 10 years. Summer means light and laid back clothing, so we came up with open and confortable shoes that still fit urban lifestyle. We are thrilled to introduce you two new products : the VO7 Easy slim and the VO7 Easy Basic sandal.

Next to your formal shoes, now is time to renew your wardrobe and fit these two fundamentals into your luggage. You're now ready to go for sunny holidays ! Our film-flops and sandals are available individually or together as a set to multiply your outfit options. Be it for yourself or for your loved ones, it's a great present that easily suits enveryone's everyday needs.

VO7 Easy Slim : lightness and comfort enhanced

The summer shoes, brought to you by VO7. Flip-flops are the simplest and most convenient way to feel comfortable during the hot season. You can wear it at the beach, for a walk in the city, or right before jumping in the swimming pool. Flip-flops stayed fashionable despite ever-changing trends. became a basic element in everyone's wardrobe, and it doesn't seem like it will change anytime soon.

With its own version of the flip-flop, VO7 put its know-how into making trendy, comfortable shoes that you will enjoy wearing and keep for a long time as they're also durable. They're made of rubber for its resilience and waterproof qualities.. The contrast between the black body and the white VO7 logo makes it elegant and easy to combine with, aiming for a laid back yet trendy look. Flip-flops are easy to put on, so just slip on your VO7 Easy Slim and go make the most of the summer.

VO7 Easy Basic : elegance pushed to the extreme

This time, we took inspiration from the street, which has influenced us since the very birth of VO7 all the way throughout our various shoes collections. Seen as old-fashioned a few years ago, sandals have since become popular again. Nowadays, they're a highly fashionable item that has made itself a place in the wardrobe of the most influential people. In the middle of summer 2018, they're well established as the go-to option for a street-confortable style. You can wear it to the swimming pool, on the beach or in the city. And to be on the top of your game, try the socks and sandals combination : you may be criticize you for it, but you'll look young, stylish and in perfect touch with current trends. 

VO7's black flip-flop will flatter your summer outfits. forget about the old, uncomfortable kind. We strive to provide shoes that combine quality and comfort, and the VO7 Easy basic sandal is no exception. It's the light touch that will highlight your foot lifestyle. Our sandals are made of polyurethane, a material that's really, enjoyable, easy to maintain and strong enough to last for years.

So, will you go for the trendiest socks and sandal or stay sober and classic in flip-flops? If you hesitate, don't make a choice : take a set which comprises of both.

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